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Forum Rules!

Post by Käin on Tue 11 Jun 2013, 03:26

Rules of Team ReAp

1] No cheating! or hacking! If you're caught doing this, You will be removed from the Team and banned from the forums for life! No second chances.
Note: The above rule applies to online multiplayer enabled games. Cheating in a single player offline games because that last boss was just too hard, Or you couldn't be bothered to farm for that last legendary item you couldn't find etc. Will not result in you being banned. It will however; Ruin your own game experience, Make you feel guilty, Make other disappointed in you.

2] VAC ban or Game ban on record. If you have a ban on record you will not be accepted. If you receive a ban while you're in Team ReAp. You will be kicked and banned from the team and all associated websites/groups.

3] Excessive use of steam achievements manager will also result in a ban. Use of this program is extremely frowned upon. Please think about the consequences before ruining your profile and your teams reputation.

4] Do not spam the chat or advertise!. If you want to let people know about your YouTube channel, You can link it to your profile or post it in the YouTube thread.

5] Do not flame other members! There is no need to be unfriendly. If you have a problem with another user, Then you can either report them to a Moderator or the Admin.

6] Do not harass other members. All reports of harassment will be investigated. We aim to have a nice and friendly community here. If you harass other members, A Moderator or the Admin will find out, And you will be banned.

7] Offensive Names. Names such as Hitler, Nazi, Dick Lover, Anal Fucker.. etc. Are not allowed. These are immature, Inappropriate and will lead to an instantaneous ban

8] Offensive Avatar. No nude (Hentai, Porn etc.) pictures may be used as an avatar. This is including but not limited to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Steam Account etc. If you have this kind of imagery associated with you in any way, Then it is very unlikely you will be in the team for very long.

9] Posting Explicit Content. Posting imagery or videos of explicit content on the forum or the discord server, Will result in a one week temporary ban from the forum, Discord server, And all team activities. Repeated offences will lead to a permanent ban.

10] Joining a different team will result in a ban from the forum, Team and all associated websites. If you wish to leave Team ReAp then please let a member of Staff know before hand. We will always be sad to see you go. But whatever reasons you have for leaving are your own, And you will never be pressured in to staying.

11] If you're currently in a different team, Your application will be declined. Issues have risen in the past with multiple team members. Because of this, Being part of multiple teams is no longer allowed.
12] The team rules are not up for discussion. If you have a problem following rules, Or need to be reminded why rules are in place for the benefit of everyone in a private team. Then please contact the admin directly.

13] This is a PC Gaming Team. If you play exclusively on console, I'm sorry but this isn't the place for you Evil or Very Mad .

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