Wischy - Introduction!

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Wischy - Introduction!

Post by Wischy on Sun 02 Nov 2014, 21:56

Yo people!

My name's Wischy but you can call me Wischy. :^)
I'm probably the most hyperactive guy in the Clan and I am bloody proud of it!
Right now I play almost only Multiplayer games on PC and Singleplayer games on my PS3. I am actually super excited to play CoD: AW in this Clan!
I'm more of the Rusher-Type player so I LOVE SMG's!
I think that's pretty much it. Well, I am male, 17 years old and from Oldenburg, Germany!

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Re: Wischy - Introduction!

Post by Vamps on Sun 02 Nov 2014, 21:59

Hello Wischy or Wischy. I hope you enjoy your time with our Clan Smile

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