Next Zombie Map?

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Post by Käin on Mon 10 Jun 2013, 16:01

Hey Votebox Smile

Ok so I'll give some comments on your ideas from your post.

1) New melee Weapons

This is a great idea and would actually make the game a lot more fun, For example the golden Spork/Spoon is very powerful but, It lacks any sort of feeling of impact.
It's just a quick slice and the zombie falls to the ground Rolling Eyes There needs to be some sort of death animation when using melee weapons. Like the knife on multiplayer.
When you hit someone with the knife in the final kill cam 90% of the time, The victim will grab his neck and fall to the ground choking. We need stuff like this on zombies.
Another cool idea was actually brought up by The.Scarecrow, Which involved being able to use the hells retriever (throwing axe on mob of the dead) instead of your knife.
Imagine being able smack the axe strait into a zombies head, And then to pull it out before the zombies falls to the ground at your feet. Simple things like that would make
for far more atmospheric game play.

2) More Upgrades

I completely agree with you here, Being able to get different attachments is good, But there is one problem with this on current zombie maps. When you get another
attachment for 2000 points, It gets rid of the one you had before. This is a bit stupid and personally I think they should stack one after the other, So after maybe 3-4
times in the PAP machine, You could have 3 attachments max. This would be far better and more enjoyable. And I like the idea about 1 time unique upgrades such as
Bullets that ricochet around corners(Bounce of the walls) Used properly this could be strategically awesome. Every gun could have it's own unique upgrade after you have
used the PAP machine enough times, This would actually be freaking awesome.

3) Cars/Vehicles

I doubt they would ever implement something like this. At least not one you could drive yourself, Would be cool though. What I would like to see is a map, Where you
could move from building to building on street level, Whilst trying not to get killed on the way. Being able to use the environment to your advantage, Like getting 2
players to push a sofa against a door to keep it shut for a while longer while the rest of the team scavenge for useful items. Imagine a map like this the size of GTA4's
world with every building being explorable. Never going to happen but one can dream bounce

Anyway that's just my 2 cents Cool

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Re: Next Zombie Map?

Post by Paradroxial on Mon 10 Jun 2013, 16:25

im going to reply but its not going to be big because my concentration levels are shit and i cant spell too good Smile

but with map size i think they need to be a hell of a lot bigger than what they are! another thing that Ive been thinking about which i think would be pretty damn cool but really hard at the same time is having each player spawn at the beginning at 4 different locations and instead of having the points to pay for every door...some of the doors to get to the other teams mates have puzzles on them which will need to be solves by all 4 players in a time limit else that door locks for the entirety of the game so you'll have to move to the next puzzled door Smile

- The.Scare

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Re: Next Zombie Map?

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