Videos from you (:

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Videos from you (:

Post by Vamps on Wed 04 Sep 2013, 19:42

Hello everybody,
MadNess one of your Clan Members just gave me an idea to make our Clan more popular.
I am going to start a new series on YouTube which includes every member of the clan (:
it is pretty simple, if you play Black Ops 2 and you have the feeling that this was the best game you ever had or just an awesome round, save it and tell me about it under this post or in steam.
I am going to record it and put it on my channel (:
Maybe we can get the community here a little bit taller and more active. Also I am going to link your youtube channel if you have one, so yours can grow as well (:
I would be super happy if everyone is help working on it and I am pretty sure we can have alot of fun playing together :3

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