Rainbow 6: Siege ESL Ladders recruitment.

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Rainbow 6: Siege ESL Ladders recruitment.

Post by Hapiuk on Sat 06 Aug 2016, 09:42

Hey peepz! 

So I have been chatting with the K's and they've given me their blessing to set up an R6 section/squad for the ESL ladders. This will require a fair amount of dedication and practice but overall it will be a lot of fun. This is definitely something worth looking into if you have ever wanted to play competitively but ranked matchmaking was always a let down.

Rules and regulations to the R6 5on5 Open Cup

How to install ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

I will start with saying there is a fair amount of setup required in order to compete. (Rules, Regulations and ESL Anticheat) but servers are generally a lot better to play on and you very rarely get leavers and cheats as all games are moderated by ESL themselves.

If you're interested, reply to this thread with the following information: 

- Uplay ID
- Rainbow 6 rank and level
- When you would be available for practice/team play.

Look forward to playing and competing with you guys, let's put the ReApers on the map!  cheers

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