Greetings peeps

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Re: Greetings peeps

Post by Vamps on Sat 30 Apr 2016, 21:30

Welcome Walta! Glad to have you with us  Very Happy

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Re: Greetings peeps

Post by Sac_de_Ballons on Sat 30 Apr 2016, 21:31

@Walta wrote:Hello there! My name is Walta, I'm the newest member of the ReAp clan.

Me and Sac_des_Ballons have been friends for long time, and he eventually invited me into the clan, so I thought... Why not? Very Happy
Anyway, I'm Dutch, 18 years old and horribly addicted to playing (and collecting) all kinds of  (indie) games.
My favorite game genres are Metroidvanias, Arcade games and Simulation games.
I love reading, watching anime and of course, playing games.
I'm also always up for a chat so don't hesitate to add me on steam! Wink

Welcome to ReAp Clan Walta Very Happy 

It's good to have you here, you fit in perfectly Wink

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Re: Greetings peeps

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