Leaks about black ops 3

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Leaks about black ops 3

Post by Sac_de_Ballons on Tue 01 Sep 2015, 20:14

*sigh* Sad

So, there some little pricks (sorry Razz ) that have leaked tons of stuff about black ops 3 zombies.

I'm really dissapointed in this, since i see this as a TV show spoiler.

I'm just trying to warn you guys that there are tons of videos online about this leak/ these leaks, and i hope that this helped Wink

Good luck trying to avoid these spoilers

- Sac

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Re: Leaks about black ops 3

Post by Vamps on Wed 02 Sep 2015, 03:33

Thank you for the warning. I bet Ali A is one of the guys who uploaded the spoilers. He did it last year I think as well on AW. Luckily since than nobody believes him anymore, as everybody knows that he just says what he gets told to say as long as he gets paid.

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